About Me and this Blog

The idea for this blog came about over a drunken lunch at some fine dining establishment or other.  I have been vegetarian since the early 1970s, and have often heard how difficult it can be for vegetarians to find something to order when eating out.  I have never found this, so thought that sharing my experiences may be of help to others.

I am, to be specific, a lacto-ovo vegetarian, that is, I eat dairy and eggs.

I also know that I am truly blessed to have eaten in some of the finest restaurants in England and France.  However, in terms of value and enjoyment, there should not be a great deal of difference between a Michelin 3 star, and a greasy spoon cafe.  Value is a subjective description, and one can leave a meal costing hundreds feeling that one has been given great value, and a poorly served cup of tea in a greasy spoon can leave one feeling poorly valued as a customer.

I am not a gourmet, I have never learned anything but the basics about wine, but as the saying goes, I do know what I like.