La Banca – Kings Norton, Birmingham

My initial impresion was that this was a good restaurant – the decor was smart.  Unfortunately the food and service didn’t match.

Olives, how hard is it to get them wrong?  Imagine the cheapest of the cheap, served with supermarket bread.  For a starter I had some very tasteless tomatoes, mixed with a bit of mass produced pesto.

Main course was lemon and courgette linguine – a foul rancid buttery taste overran all the other ingredients.

The service was also that dreadful faux-politeness, we were asked at least 2 or 3 times per course whether everything was okay, in that tone that suggests any response other than positive would be met by confusion. There are much, much better Italian restaurants in the Birmingham area. Very, very disappointed, particularly as the bill came in at £20 per head for two courses and no wine.

Review is from September 2011